Getting Started

Welcome to ChemTutor: A Place to Practice Chemistry!  
ChemTutor allows you to learn by watching instructional videos and doing practice problems. To track your progress through the content, you will register and login to your personal account. 

Register for an Account

  1. First you must create your account by going to the registration page.
  2. Complete the registration page form and click Register. Use your official school email address. 
  3. Confirm your account registration by clicking on the link sent to you via email. 
  4. You will be asked to login before accessing secure content. 
  5. Login to have access to all ChemTutor practice problems. 

Watch videos and practice problems!

The Tutorials page lists all ChemTutor videos and practice problems in the suggested practice order, starting with Math Fundamentals. Alternatively, you can navigate to the tutorials page using the Tutorial Page button in the My Progress page.

ChemTutor Use Tips

There may be multiple related sub-modules within a module. For example, in the case of Math Fundamentals, there are three sub-modules. You can click on a module, and you will be brought to its tutorial page, containing the content for that topic. If you are going in the recommended order for Math Fundamentals, you start with Percentages. There will be one or more video tutorials on each topic; the tutorials are presented in the order we suggest you watch them in, but you may choose to study topics in any order that suits your needs.  After watching a video tutorial, you can practice problems related to the video by clicking the practice button below the video. 
If you would like to see how you are doing on the problem sets, you can click on the My Progress button near the top of the website. This will bring you to an overview of all the tutorials and your scores–but don’t worry, you are not being graded! The progress page is for you to see your past scores, how many tutorials you’ve completed, and where to focus your practice. 


  1. Use a, b, c, d, and enter keys to navigate through practice questions.
  2. Turn captions on or off by clicking the cc button as shown in the above video. 
  3. Hover above an element on the periodic table for an enlarged view, click to keep it enlarged.
  4. View a dynamic transcript on YouTube by clicking on the video title, clicking “…” and Open transcript.
  5. Reset your password by clicking “Forgot password” on the login page. 
  6. Have your username sent to your email by clicking on “Forgot username?” on the login page.