How to Succeed in Chemistry

Don’t panic! Learning chemistry is challenging. We’ve all been there and know what you’re going through. Practice assigned problems. Work examples from class and your textbook. Talk to your professors. We seriously nerd out over chemistry and would love to help you learn.


Chemistry at Rhodes

Chemistry is fun! Come join us on this journey of chemical discovery. We will learn the fundamentals of chemistry to how scientists determine the number of mRNA molecules in your vaccine dose. Let’s do it together: speak to your peers, go to tutors, come chat with your professors outside of class.

Chemistry at Rollins 

The easiest thing you can do is advocate for your needs by talking to your professor regularly during office hours. Participate in classroom discussions, even if you risk looking like you do not understand everything—nobody does! Each class has its own “PSI,” a Peer Supplemental Instructor who already completed Rollins chemistry and is now ready to provide extensive group and individual tutoring every week. The Tutoring & Writing Center has trained math and chemistry tutors for weekly one-on-one sessions. All of these services are universally provided at NO extra cost, so take advantage! 

Chemistry at W&L

Seriously, talk to your professor. In addition, there are other resources available to you as well. The Harte Center has tutoring services available that focus on various STEM disciplines including Chemistry. The services are delivered by students who have taken the classes you are taking, and they are a great resource.